FAQs For Prospective OASIS Families

1. How do you I enroll in OASIS?

The parent and student should complete the OASIS Candidate Referral Form and return it to their home high school guidance counselor. If transitioning to OASIS is appropriate, the counselor will forward the finalized Referral Form to OASIS. This referral process includes reviewing the student’s needs, available room in the program, as well as other factors.

2. Tell me more about the program.

Visit the OASIS website for more information or contact Carrie Ahmed, OASIS secretary at (740) 657-4331.

3. Are classes online or do students come to you?

Some students attend class at our location behind Shanahan Middle School, 814 Shanahan Road. Other students attend virtually.

4. What are the regular student hours?

Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m following Olentangy's calendar.

5. Is busing provided?

Yes, transportation is provided by the Olentangy Local School District.

6. Can we tour the facility before we decide?

Yes, please call Carrie Ahmed at (740) 657-4331 to schedule a tour.

7. What kind of students attend OASIS?

All kinds!  For whatever reason they do not fit the typical student or do not do well in a traditional school setting. 

8. When students graduate do they get an OLSD (or certain high school) diploma?

Yes, the degree is from the home high school at OLSD.

9. Can they walk with their class at graduation?


10. Are the Apex courses rigorous – up to OLSD standards?

Yes and they have one-on-one teacher help at OASIS and can progress as fast or as slowly as they need.

11. Does the OASIS curriculum align with state standards?


12. Are your teachers certified?

Yes, all full time teachers are certified and Olentangy employees.