OASIS Happenings

ALL-STAR students of the month

Seven students were selected this month as All-Star Students of the Month!

Luke Boggs

Luke came to us just a few months ago and is such a kind human. He works hard on his courses and stays focused during the day. He is very personable and we enjoy having him here!

Melissa Contreras

Melissa is a wonderful addition to my homeroom. Melissa is kind and works very hard every day. She is pushing through obstacles that brought her to OASIS and I am very proud of her for her effort and good attitude.

Toby Dresnek

Toby consistently provides high quality academic work. Toby is kind, friendly and respectful to his peers and teachers. Toby has learned to set high expectations for himself and is becoming more self-confident. Great job Toby!

Brook Kompa

The middle school room nominates Brook for our all star.  Brook has shown immense improvement since last semester. She attends more regularly and is now always on schedule or ahead in all classes with great grades. Brook also has been more open to new opportunities. We love having Brook in the middle school room! Way to go Brook!

Kaylee Taylor

Kaylee started us with at the semester and has made a seamless transition to OASIS. Kaylee is very focused on her work and seldom has any overdue assignments. She is kind and respectful to all around her.

Izzy Watkins

Izzy is being recognized for all of her hard work. She implemented Spirit Week and represented OASIS at the State of the Schools event. Izzy has grown tremendously since she started at OASIS, we are very proud of her.

Uriah Zajdel

Uriah is a model Apex student that works hard and is ahead in all of his classes. He is a friend to every student and is always willing to lend a hand. We enjoy having Uriah in our room because he demonstrates great kindness and a willingness to learn.


oasis students accepted into DELAWARE AREA CAREER CENTER (dacc)

Congrats to the three OASIS students who have been accepted into the following DACC programs for next year:

  • Amal Al Lami - Digital Design
  • Isabella Berendt - Equine Science
  • Jacob White - Cyber Security

ALL-STAR students of the month

Six students were selected this month as All-Star Students of the Month!

Adara Bowser

Adara is a genuinely kind and conscientious student. She cares about her studies and what she is learning, she works hard and asks for help when needed. The kids in our classroom recognize Adara as being the nicest and most genuine student in our classroom. She always has a smile and kind word for everyone in the room. We are all very grateful to have her as a classmate and student at OASIS. 

Lia Gambucci

Lia is a good student with a great personality.  She is quick-witted and has a way of finding the humor in most situations to lighten the mood and is genuinely an enjoyable person to be around and work with every day.

Kassi Gatewood

It is a pleasure having Kassi in my homeroom. She has great attendance and works very hard in her APEX courses. I'm proud of her for going out of her comfort zone and participating in our OASIS to Heritage program.

Celia Hanes

Celia is a polite, hard working and affable young lady. She always shows up ready to participate and do well on her schoolwork.

Sofie Karlsen

Sofie is very invested in her education and has big plans for her future. She comes in every day, ready to work on her classes. She is also a very kind individual that has a lot of life experience to share with others.

Shayla Sansom

Shayla has grown and matured so much since starting with us and has developed into a kind and responsible young lady. She has already finished 3 of her courses and is quite determined to successfully wrap up her senior year. Shayla is always willing to help her classmates and is a great sounding board for her peers.


oasis honors veterans

OASIS students honored Veterans Day by creating a display of Stars and Stripes. Each star notes the name of men and women who have graciously served or are currently our country.

oasis takes over olentangy instagram account

We were excited to share OASIS Happenings with the district's Instagram account!

OASIS students partnered with Heritage Elementary students to support their learning experiences as well as support the staff with collection of recycling bins, re-shelving of library books and much more.  Also, one Spanish speaking OASIS student partners with a Spanish speaking first grader and supports his learning of English.




OASIS students created fall cards for kids at Nationwide Children's Hospital. The cards included thoughtful messages, jokes, and uplifting artwork!


OASIS students celebrated Hispanic Heritage month by learning about and creating artwork of parrots from Central and South America. Students also learned about and created artwork of the Caribbean lizard.


OASIS students have the opportunity to graduate early and ring the infamous OASIS bell!


OASIS students enjoy art class weekly. This year, students created tie-dye t-shirts and a sense of belonging at the same time!


oasis students visit heritage elementary

We have re-started our volunteer trips to Heritage Elementary School this year! OASIS students will be reading to the elementary students, helping with art projects, and various other tasks.


class of 2022

We would like to congratulate all of the students that graduated this year! We wish you the best of luck! Check out this special video that celebrates this year's class.

FEBRUARY students of the month

Four students were selected this month as February Students of the Month!

Lillian Alphin

Lillian has transitioned to OASIS flawlessly. She works hard to keep her overdue assignments at a minimum and advocates for herself when she needs additional instruction. Lillian is friendly to her classmates and we really enjoy having her as part of our OASIS family.

Noah Nelson

Noah has shown a great deal of growth and maturity when it comes to working on the Apex curriculum since starting with us. He cares about his grades and does a great job with advocating for himself.

Jadyn Parrish

Jadyn is the middle school student of the month. She is always respectful, caring and kind. She works hard which is shown by the results in her great grades! I look forward to talking to Jadyn every morning. Congrats Jadyn!

Kaylee Schmelmer

Kaylee is a thoughtful and intelligent young woman who stays on top of her courses and is supportive of other students in the class. We've especially enjoyed listening to Kaylee's insightful thoughts on the book club text over the past few weeks. Kaylee is also an excellent artist and barista.


JANUARY students of the month

Six students were selected this month as January Students of the Month!

Michelle Bowser

Michelle is the middle school student of the month. She is hard working, diligent, and always on task. She has good grades, is always polite and has good attendance as well.


Justin Davis

Justin is kind and considerate to everyone, every day. He maintains a positive attitude and tackles his work diligently, especially when working cooperatively. Just maintains a part-time job and is an avid gamer and spends his leisure time competing. Way to go Justin!


Olivia Gisewite

Olivia is an independent hard-working student. She has developed alternative means of communication to receive instruction and clarification when needed.

Dylan Kraus

Dylan is a hard worker and always stays on top of his academics. He is very kind and welcoming to new students and is always ready to help others with any tech issues. We know that Dylan is going to do great things in the computer programming world!


Najmo Mohamed

Najmo is mature, hard-working, and motivated. She comes to school and handles business every day. Even though she is only in high school, she already knows what she wants in life and is determined to make it happen for herself. Additionally, Najmo draws beautiful rain clouds.


Levi Roche

Levi started this year needing a lot of credits but continued to work very hard and is down to one class. He is always kind to others and shows respect to different viewpoints. Levi has shown so much positive growth as a person, and we look forward to seeing his future.