OASIS Happenings

ALL-STAR students of the month

Six students were selected this month as All-Star Students of the Month!

Tristan Crockett

Tristan is the all star from the middle school classroom. He is friendly, funny, kind, hard working, and a job to have in class. He does academically and has improved his attendance since the beginning of the year. Go Tristan!

Student 1


Kamryn Herrel

Kamryn has grown and matured so much since starting with us.  Her work ethic and determination have increased exponentially!!!  Kamryn has had to deal with a variety of obstacles this year and has handled them all with grace.  If you would have asked Kamryn if she would be graduating a year early... she would have laughed but she has made that a reality.  We wish her so much success as she moves forward with pursuing her future goals of working with children.  


Brandon Hinty

Brandon is a mature, kind and extremely intelligent young man who is a joy to have in class every day. He keeps up with his schoolwork and is well-liked by his peers and teachers. He is polite, good-natured and empathetic. Additionally, Brandon is a walking encyclopedia of music who knows more about the Beatles than anyone I've ever met in my life. He is also a talented songwriter and guitarist. It is our absolute pleasure to nominate Brandon for this distinguished award. 



Carter Laveck

Carter has faced many challenges this year and has grown tremendously as a student and advocate for himself. We acknowledge the growth we have seen from Carter and are very proud of where he is. Carter is attending the DACC for Welding next fall and we are so excited for him to work towards his goals. 



AJ Panzarella

AJ has transitioned seamlessly to OASIS and is a wonderful addition to our room. He arrives each morning ready to complete his assignments for the day and is a confident advocate for himself when struggling with content. AJ asks to meet with teachers, review concepts, and requests resets when needed. AJ is kind and helpful to both peers and teachers, he has a great sense of humor and is always enjoyable.



Jadyn Parrish

Jadyn works very hard to stay on top of her schoolwork and communicates effectively with teachers when she needs help. She is kind, considerate and an overall pleasure to be around. She has been accepted into the Policy Academy program at DACC and is clearly demonstrating her readiness to move on into the real world. We are very proud of her!


ALL-STAR students of the month

Five students were selected this month as All-Star Students of the Month!

Kay Batross

Kay has come a long way this school year, improving her attendance and grades. She advocates for herself and is always open to working with teachers to improve her grades. Kay has matured tremendously since beginning OASIS last school year and is a pleasure to have in our classroom. 

Seth Chapman

Seth is a mature young man and a talented artist. He comes to school and handles business every day. He keeps up with his school assignments and spends his free time industriously working on his many commissioned portraits. He is well liked by his peers and his teachers. There are days Seth will stay at OASIS even after the other students leave, apparently because he enjoys being here so much. We might have to start paying him soon. It is without reservation that I enthusiastically nominate this exceptional student for this prestigious award.

Joe Fowler

Although Joe came to us behind in many areas, he has already completed 6 courses and has a full dashboard of 8 more!  He is working hard to stay on the right path and is very focused on his future goal of joining the military.  Joe is well liked by his peers and is always willing to lend a helping hand. 


Chasity Harris

Chasity gets along with everybody, is focused, works hard, and pushes herself. She has excellent attendance, is always on schedule and has fantastic grades. Congratulations Chasity! 


Ella Isaman

Ella brings positive energy into our homeroom. She is always king, hard-working and just a pleasure to be around. We are glad to see her reaching out to teachers for help when needed and interacting more with her peers.

Shay Smith

Shay has shown tremendous growth this year. She continues to advocate for herself and ask for help when needed. She is an absolutely lovely young woman.

OASIS STUDENT marches at disney!

Benjamin Adams, an OASIS student, marched with the Olentangy Berlin Marching Band at Disney in November!



Students created stars in art class to celebrate Veterans!

Veterans Day Star Project


ALL-STAR students of the month

Six students were selected this month as All-Star Students of the Month!

Kaylee Bowser

Kaylee is always enthusiastic and up to try any activity. She is also on schedule with her work with quality grades. Further, she has perfect attendance. Way to go Kaylee!


Melissa Contreras

Melissa works very hard everyday and is reaching out to teachers for help this year. Mrs. Thacker and I are very proud of her balancing her school work and her job at Target. Go Melissa!

Alex Dargatz

Alex is an intelligent, mature and hard-working young man. He comes to OASIS and handles business every day. More importantly, without Alex, Mr. Holt would struggle to maintain his sanity. Thank you, Alex!


Richard Edwards

He comes in every day, polite and motivated to complete his school work. He does an amazing job at advocating himself and is always receptive to assistant. We have seen nothing but positivity radiating from him!

Zayden Garcia

Zayden made a seamless transition to OASIS and excelled at the independent learning aspect of our environment. Zayden is a hard worker in and out of the classroom. He is a very interesting young man with a variety of interests and talents. Zayden has a great personality. Congrats to Zayden on graduating early!


Ayanna Johnson

She is a very determined, and a hard worker as her goal is to finish high school early. Ayanna is also an incredibly kind young lady, her smile and calm demeanor put everyone at ease.


oasis students get their hands in the dirt!

Students utilized the greenhouse last week to get their hands in the dirt and plant seeds!

ALL-STAR students of the month

Seven students were selected this month as All-Star Students of the Month!

Luke Boggs

Luke came to us just a few months ago and is such a kind human. He works hard on his courses and stays focused during the day. He is very personable and we enjoy having him here!

Melissa Contreras

Melissa is a wonderful addition to my homeroom. Melissa is kind and works very hard every day. She is pushing through obstacles that brought her to OASIS and I am very proud of her for her effort and good attitude.

Toby Dresnek

Toby consistently provides high quality academic work. Toby is kind, friendly and respectful to his peers and teachers. Toby has learned to set high expectations for himself and is becoming more self-confident. Great job Toby!

Brook Kompa

The middle school room nominates Brook for our all star.  Brook has shown immense improvement since last semester. She attends more regularly and is now always on schedule or ahead in all classes with great grades. Brook also has been more open to new opportunities. We love having Brook in the middle school room! Way to go Brook!

Kaylee Taylor

Kaylee started us with at the semester and has made a seamless transition to OASIS. Kaylee is very focused on her work and seldom has any overdue assignments. She is kind and respectful to all around her.

Izzy Watkins

Izzy is being recognized for all of her hard work. She implemented Spirit Week and represented OASIS at the State of the Schools event. Izzy has grown tremendously since she started at OASIS, we are very proud of her.

Uriah Zajdel

Uriah is a model Apex student that works hard and is ahead in all of his classes. He is a friend to every student and is always willing to lend a hand. We enjoy having Uriah in our room because he demonstrates great kindness and a willingness to learn.



ALL-STAR students of the month


Six students were selected this month as All-Star Students of the Month!

Adara Bowser

Adara is a genuinely kind and conscientious student. She cares about her studies and what she is learning, she works hard and asks for help when needed. The kids in our classroom recognize Adara as being the nicest and most genuine student in our classroom. She always has a smile and kind word for everyone in the room. We are all very grateful to have her as a classmate and student at OASIS. 






oasis honors veterans

OASIS students honored Veterans Day by creating a display of Stars and Stripes. Each star notes the name of men and women who have graciously served or are currently our country.

oasis takes over olentangy instagram account

We were excited to share OASIS Happenings with the district's Instagram account!

OASIS students partnered with Heritage Elementary students to support their learning experiences as well as support the staff with collection of recycling bins, re-shelving of library books and much more.  Also, one Spanish speaking OASIS student partners with a Spanish speaking first grader and supports his learning of English.




OASIS students created fall cards for kids at Nationwide Children's Hospital. The cards included thoughtful messages, jokes, and uplifting artwork!


OASIS students celebrated Hispanic Heritage month by learning about and creating artwork of parrots from Central and South America. Students also learned about and created artwork of the Caribbean lizard.


OASIS students have the opportunity to graduate early and ring the infamous OASIS bell!


OASIS students enjoy art class weekly. This year, students created tie-dye t-shirts and a sense of belonging at the same time!


oasis students visit heritage elementary

We have re-started our volunteer trips to Heritage Elementary School this year! OASIS students will be reading to the elementary students, helping with art projects, and various other tasks.


class of 2022

We would like to congratulate all of the students that graduated this year! We wish you the best of luck! Check out this special video that celebrates this year's class.