OASIS Happenings

class of 2022

We would like to congratulate all of the students that graduated this year! We wish you the best of luck! Check out this special video that celebrates this year's class.

FEBRUARY students of the month

Four students were selected this month as February Students of the Month!

Lillian Alphin

Lillian has transitioned to OASIS flawlessly. She works hard to keep her overdue assignments at a minimum and advocates for herself when she needs additional instruction. Lillian is friendly to her classmates and we really enjoy having her as part of our OASIS family.

Noah Nelson

Noah has shown a great deal of growth and maturity when it comes to working on the Apex curriculum since starting with us. He cares about his grades and does a great job with advocating for himself.

Jadyn Parrish

Jadyn is the middle school student of the month. She is always respectful, caring and kind. She works hard which is shown by the results in her great grades! I look forward to talking to Jadyn every morning. Congrats Jadyn!

Kaylee Schmelmer

Kaylee is a thoughtful and intelligent young woman who stays on top of her courses and is supportive of other students in the class. We've especially enjoyed listening to Kaylee's insightful thoughts on the book club text over the past few weeks. Kaylee is also an excellent artist and barista.


JANUARY students of the month

Six students were selected this month as January Students of the Month!

Michelle Bowser

Michelle is the middle school student of the month. She is hard working, diligent, and always on task. She has good grades, is always polite and has good attendance as well.


Justin Davis

Justin is kind and considerate to everyone, every day. He maintains a positive attitude and tackles his work diligently, especially when working cooperatively. Just maintains a part-time job and is an avid gamer and spends his leisure time competing. Way to go Justin!


Olivia Gisewite

Olivia is an independent hard-working student. She has developed alternative means of communication to receive instruction and clarification when needed.

Dylan Kraus

Dylan is a hard worker and always stays on top of his academics. He is very kind and welcoming to new students and is always ready to help others with any tech issues. We know that Dylan is going to do great things in the computer programming world!


Najmo Mohamed

Najmo is mature, hard-working, and motivated. She comes to school and handles business every day. Even though she is only in high school, she already knows what she wants in life and is determined to make it happen for herself. Additionally, Najmo draws beautiful rain clouds.


Levi Roche

Levi started this year needing a lot of credits but continued to work very hard and is down to one class. He is always kind to others and shows respect to different viewpoints. Levi has shown so much positive growth as a person, and we look forward to seeing his future.


student highlight

Congrats to Deanara, one of our newest students! She has been chosen as the January Athlete of the Month at Berlin High School! Keep up the good work!

Athlete of the Week


student highlight

Emily Bobo is an accomplished horsewoman! She has been riding horses since she was 6 years old and has competed in both hunters and jumpers then transitioned to jumping last year. Her goal is to reach the Grand Prix level of showing before she turns 18!


NOVEMBER students of the month

Six students were selected this month as November Students of the Month!

Will Alexander

Will takes ownership of his learning and despite obstacles stays on schedule with good grades. Will also thinks before he acts and is fun talk to!


Tiana Caslin

In the short time we have known Tiana, she has excelled in many ways. Tiana is great at prioritizing her responsibilities, setting goals, and following through to make them happen. She is motivated to learn and excel in her field of interest, Psychology. She also has a great sense of humor and is a kind friend. We are so thankful each day to work with her. Bravo!


Sarah Jalaq

Sarah is a kind, intelligent and hard-working student. She demonstrates her maturity in and outside of OASIS every day. In addition to her schoolwork, Sarah is responsible for helping in her family's restaurant and taking care of her four younger siblings on a daily basis. Few other students I know of are as prepared to enter the adult world as Sarah is!


Jacob Kost

Jacob is overall a pleasure to have in our class. He comes in every morning with a friendly smile and joyful conversation. He has truly grown in his social interactions and shows a sense of belonging at OASIS. He is always willing to work with others and is constantly working on bettering his future.


Madelyn Ryno

Madelyn is a kind and dedicated student. She can advocate for herself when needed but mostly works independently. We enjoy having Madelyn in our classroom and look forward to watching her continue to develop and grow.


Garrett Smith

Garrett successfully transitioned to OASIS and has done a great job of working independently and staying on top of his academics. He is quite focused when he is at OASIS and is respectful to all around him.


student highlight

Kelsey Cook has received at $100K scholarship to attend Ohio Wesleyan University! Congrats Kelsey!


the snowflake movement

OASIS students created some beautiful snowflakes that were donated to The Snowflake Movement. The Movement was created to bring smiles to the patients staying at Nationwide Children’s Hospital during the holidays!

october students of the month

Six students were selected this month as October Students of the Month!

Anna Bozic

Anna has been working very hard and has already completed three of her courses this year! She is on track to graduate early and has a great attitude and work ethic. She is kind and is the first person to help a classmate in need.

Isaac Campbell

Since Isaac came to OASIS, he has been a pleasure to have in our classroom. He comes in everyday ready to work with a positive attitude and is always respectful to his teachers. Isaac is kind and compassionate to everyone he talks to and is overall a great human! He will be attending Lawrence Tech University in January with a football scholarship.

Nick Chaney

Nick has the attitude, academics, and attendance of an all-star student! He is always respectful, thinks before he acts, and is fun to talk to. He is a hard worker which is shown in his good grades. Nick has only missed one day of school! Congrats Nick!

Maura Jirousek

We choose Maura because she is completing NCAA work, has excellent grades AND her due dates are set to December because she is going to take CCP courses next semester. She has an amazing working ethic and is a kind human being.

Makenna Myers

Makenna's consistent work ethic and her ability to push herself in a positive direction has shown her to be a true asset to our classroom. We admire her strength and her respectfulness towards others around her. Keep up the great work!

Carly Samu

Carly has a positive attitude pretty much everyday she is here. She works hard on her schoolwork, is proactive about seeking help when she needs it, and is well-organized. Additionally, she shows us cute pictures and videos of her dog, Chaos.



Joren Neeper has been selected as the Student of the Month for the Engineering Technician program at DACC. Congrats Joren!


student highlight

Isaac Campbell has committed to play collegiate football at Lawrence Tech University. Congrats Isaac!

Student Athlete


community service project for nationwide children's hospital

During October, OASIS students and staff made Halloween cards for children at Nationwide Children's Hospital. It was a spooky fun time!




Quarter One all-star students

Six students were selected this month as All-Star Students!

Jared Best

Jared has transitioned so nicely to OASIS, overcoming many obstacles he had in the past AND he is doing a great job communicating with us and advocating for himself, both personally and academically.

Madison Bryant

Madison juggles many different responsibilities and works hard every day to achieve her goals. She earns respect from those around her with her maturity and determined attitude. 

Oleg Evans

Oleg positively affects the energy of the entire classroom with his kindhearted demeanor.  He forges friendships with everyone he encounters and is always ready to lend a helping hand.  Oleg consistently challenges himself in setting goals and works steadily to attain them.  He takes initiative with his coursework, takes pride in his grades, and makes time for sports and friendships.  Overall, Oleg is simply a great individual!  

Brandon Hinty

Brandon projects a quiet strength in our classroom. He always exhibits an excellent attitude, is always on schedule or ahead in his work, and hasn't missed a day of school. He also pushes himself out of his comfort zone to further his own growth. Brandon is a great addition to our classroom!

Aja Ronk

Aja has improved immensely in her academics and disposition since starting here last year. She comes in with a positive attitude and a willingness to work. Aja can always be found taking notes and working towards academic goals. We are always impressed by Aja's appreciation for people's differences and acceptance of where they came from. 

Justin Wells

Justin has made such vast improvements from when he started with us last year.  Justin stays on task and has shown a great deal of effort in seeking help and keeping up to date with his classes.  Justin cares about his grades and is steadily working towards future goals.   

student highlight - bri hyland

Congrats to Bri on her new role at Dublin Friendship Village. She is studying Culinary Arts at the Delaware Area Career Center this year!


oasis class of 2021

We would like to congratulate all of the students that graduated this year. We wish you the best of luck! Check out this special video that celebrates this year's class.

Senior Presentation - Class of 2021 Image

Student Feedback

We recently heard these comments from Rhys Bennett, a OASIS/Liberty High School student: I very much enjoy OASIS because here the teachers are very helpful at making sure you are succeeding individually and that everything is okay with yourself and your academics. To be honest, it is very hard to choose a favorite teacher bit if I had to, I would say it has to be either Mr. Holt or Mr. Brehm because of how chill and laid back they are.

OASIS Student


teacher appreciation week

OASIS Teachers















In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, OASIS students and families provided some Teacher Shout-Outs:

  • OASIS has been amazing beyond words. I'd heard in advance that everybody here is truly "the cream of the crop". I did not understand how creamy the crop could be, lol! These people are so caring, dedicated, motivated (and motivating!! Oh, especially motivating!!) And proactive.. they just aren't enough favorable adjectives to describe what an amazing experience they each have made for the students, and the parents too!! OASIS people really are a special breed, and this program is top notch. Highest accolades because there aren't enough words to express this!!! I can't imagine how we would have done without you.  
  • Our family relied on you and your team for seven years.  I can’t tell you how much OASIS meant to us.  We would have been lost without your people and the program.

  • Mrs. Breckner has a unique and effective way of reaching the kids. She "gets" them in a way that most adults do not. She goes above and beyond to help students achieve goals. Finally, she understands that sometimes you need to listen to what is going on with the cat before you can move on to math. Thanks, Mrs. Breckner! You are amazing! 

  • Mrs. Breckner really goes above and beyond with her students. She is always checking in on them to see if they need help.
  • Dr. Heiman is patient, kind, and encouraging to parents and students. As difficult as it is for our kids, there are days that are even harder for parents. Dr. Heiman has a nice way of letting parents know she understand the struggle and sees the good in us and our children even on the difficult days. Thank you, Dr. Heiman!
  • Mrs. Stamm - She helped me throughout the past few years when I was struggling with math. 


dacc student of the month

Kelsey Cook was selected as a DACC Student of the Month! DACC teachers select students each month who have gone above and beyond and deserve the recognition.


community service project

OASIS students created pretty flowers and thank you cards for OhioHealth vaccination workers this month. We really appreciate these very important people!

Community Service Project-April 2021


book club

OASIS students have been participating in a book club over the last month that focuses on "Ghost" by Jason Reynolds. The book club is part of the District Equity & Inclusion Team's "African American Read In" initiative.

Picture College from Ghost Book Discussions



Ana is a very talented photographer, recently she held a photo shoot with her pet hedgehog. We are also excited to announce that Ana was accepted to the Delaware Area Career Center Dental program for next year!